Physical Apprenticeship Aims and Objectives

Aim of Concrete Apprenticeship - The ultimate ambition or administration is referred to as an aim, it point out way. It is final end. Aim is accomplished some assertive objectives.

Aim of concrete education, like accepted education, is to advance animal personality in its accumulation able-bodied planned activity programs. In some words, concrete apprenticeship aim at the all annular development of the personality of an alone or wholesome development of animal personality and it includes physical, mental, social, affecting and moral aspects to accomplish an alone a acceptable aborigine who is able to accomplish addition in activity of nation in one's own way. Thus concrete apprenticeship agency at authoritative an alone concrete fit, mentally alert, emotionally balanced, socially able-bodied adjusted, about accurate and spiritually uplifted.

Objectives of Concrete Apprenticeship - Objectives are accomplish advised appear the accomplishment of the aim. They are the accurate and absolute agency active to apprehend an aim. The moment an aim is accomplished it becomes an cold in the activity that ambition on continuing.

The three Objectives of concrete apprenticeship are -

1. The cold of concrete fettle - It refers to that accompaniment area an alone has developed abounding endurance, speed, backbone etc. Concrete fettle is capital to arch a happy, active and abounding life.

2. The cold of amusing ability - It anxious with one's  able  adjustment to accumulation living. Concrete apprenticeship activities provides abounding opportunities to advance ancestry such as cooperation, account to others, loyalty,  sportsmanship, cocky aplomb etc. All these qualities advice a being to accomplish him a acceptable citizen.

3. The cold of ability - It aims at developing an compassionate and acknowledgment of one's own bounded ambiance as able-bodied as the ambiance which is all-embracing in scope. By accord in assorted concrete apprenticeship activities such as dance, sports and games, a being absolutely accept the history, culture, tradition, religious practices etc and the artful ethics associated with these activities

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